Welcome to I know it’s not very red but there is at least a piano. Hurrah for the nice people at wordpress who do all the heavy lifting of website design before breakfast each day. After that they probably just sit around smoking Camel Lights and reading Time Out.

In the last two months I’ve had a baby, sold a flat, fired two lawyers, bought a house, and moved into said house. My toddler turned two and I turned forty-two. We ate a lot of cake. I’m looking forward to a time when my body doesn’t feel twice my numerical age and my brain doesn’t feel like its been hosed out with some invasive, matter-disintegrating foam. It’s not this month.

My toddler and I are currently discussing families with a degree of repetition I would normally expect of a woodpecker. Madness is trying to make sense of the world for a two-year-old whilst existing on an average of four hours’ sleep every twenty-four.

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