Vocal Coaching

Lindy Tennent-Brown works with opera and music theatre singers, preparing repertoire for auditions and material for roles and song recitals.

She has extensive experience coaching Handel, Mozart, Strauss, Puccini, Britten, Poulenc, and the bel canto composers, and has specialist knowledge of contemporary opera and recital programming.

Her clients are employed internationally.


“And here’s the real reason it all worked: At the piano was a gifted professional who had the rare ability to understand every note and every word of the works she was accompanying, and the virtuoso skill to match every move and sound of her singers.

Her singers? Of course. She is Lindy Tennent-Brown….[the] designer of this performance.

She turned the accompaniment into an ongoing duet, matching instrument and voice so that the qualities of the latter were constantly enhanced and, as a result, the concert into a top, and most appropriate, festival gig.”

Sam Edwards, stuff.co.nz